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Say hello to roomii

Looking for that solution that works for your furniture when you no longer need it? Maybe you want to rent it out, sell it or just cash out? Great, you’re at the right place.

What's roomii?

Meet Roomii, our innovative furniture rental and resale platform – the solution for all your furniture needs. We understand that furnishing a home can be expensive and time-consuming and that many people have furniture that they no longer need or want. That’s why we’ve created a platform that allows you to rent out your furniture, sell your furniture, and pay over time to others who need it. Roomii handles the pick-up, cleaning, and drop-off, so sit back and relax.

So, what are my options?


Rent Out

Getting low ball offers on your premium furniture you just bought last year? Paying to store your furniture that you don’t ever plan to use? Rent out your furniture to fellow urbanites that need to furnish their space for however long they need to while generating an extra monthly income through its curated online marketplace. 



The simplicity of selling your furniture on other popular marketplaces is lacking. Endless bargaining, “ghosting,” or trying to schedule a pick-up time with customers who never show up are all things you have to deal with. Roomii arranges for pickup and delivery and even processes payments securely. After you’ve sold all your furniture, you can just sit back on whatever is left.


Cash Out

Looking to unload some furniture ASAP? You can get a one-time payment in exchange for your gently used furniture. Instead of sitting around hoping it sells, we’ll take a look at it and make you an offer. Please understand that we are picky about what we accept in order to keep high-quality, long-lasting furniture out of landfills and into people’s homes. Is it time to set up a viewing of your furnishings? Schedule a video chat with us here.

Listing your furniture and getting paid is this simple

Submit your listing

It’s free and easy to list your furniture. Rent out any furniture without sign-up fees, from a bookcase to a living room set and everything in-between. Our team will review and confirm your submission within two hours.

Free furniture pickup

Congratulations, your furniture has been rented. What’s next? We pick up and deliver your furniture to your renter on the day they selected at checkout. It’s that easy.

Get Paid

Our fast, flexible payment system puts money into your account 24 hours after your furniture is delivered. Backed by Stripe.

Curious about what you can make renting out your furniture?

Tell us a little about your furniture and we will provide an estimate. You’re always in control of how much you want to charge for your furniture pieces.

Payment made easy


Set your price and see how much you can make monthly

You choose the price! How much you decide to charge for your furniture pieces is entirely up to you. Once you set your price, we’ll show you how much you can make from a 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, or 1-year lease.



Roomii Listing Process

With roomii, you have listing options. Instant rental listings allow renters to book immediately without needing to send a request to you for approval. Request to lease allows you to approve who you want to rent out your furniture.


Managed experience

We handle everything else after you list your furniture, from the pickup, delivery, and return. Just sit back, relax, and get paid.

How we protect your furniture


Furniture protection

Security deposits are required on all listings. To guard in the rare event of an incident, roomii will cover the cost of damage above the security deposit, 100%.

cleaning spray bottle

Furniture Cleaning

All furniture goes through disinfection at the end of a lease and is cleaned to CDC standards.


Verified Renters

Rent out your furniture to verified renters. We conduct a background check on renters before delivery. Accept a lease only if you’re 100% comfortable.

Ready for possibilities?

Hey! want to know how roomii works for people looking to rent your furniture?