Article Burrard Sofa

Article Burrard Sofa

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Rent for as low as $9 / month Security Deposit $48  
  • Security deposit is required and set by the owner to cover any damages to the furniture.
  • This is returned at the end of the lease if there are no issues.
  • Security deposit is added to first months payment only and paid at checkout.

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Rent-to-own Flexibility

  • If you find any items you love, you have the option to purchase them outright.
  • All monthly payments can be put towards buying at the listed retail price, without any interest or additional fees!
  • Promotional discounts and referral credits don't count towards the retail buyout cost.

Sustainability at Roomii:

By renting or purchasing this item , you're contributing to a more sustainable future.

185 Lbs of CO2 Offset
12 Trees funded
May 21, 2024 ARTICLE 3 Years Old Other Fabric Pre-owned - Very Good ,


I bought this product through a second-hand cheap website. The product is almost the same as new. I am happy to share this website with everyone??

I have been using it for two months. There is no problem with the product. The products purchased on the website are shipped to my home for free. I like to buy the products I like on this website. It is better than Amazon, so I recommend you to buy the products you like on this website. The product is no different from the new one, very cool??


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